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Hand Sanding

Product Description:

The non-woven hand pad is widely used for flat surfaces as well as round steel tube due to its flexible structure. It is used manually or mechanically for surface treatmentfor rust removal.It is often used for polishing, deburring and line decoration of stainless steel, other alloy hardware and wood furniture.
It is available in different size of rolls and sheets in various grits. The colors available are Maroon, Green and Grey in series of UI 13, UI 21 and UI 31.


Model Colour Packed Quantity (Pcs/Carton) Packing size Characteristics
UI 13 Maroon 100 6"x9" Lined for the rough handling, repair and processing of traces of rounding
UI 21 Maroon 100 6"x9" Manual grinding and mechanical polishing to entirely remove dirt, rusty spots and scales on surface of stainless steel and other materials. Drawing (decorative lined) treatment, enhanced surface coating, adhesive bonding surface
Maroon 7 6"x30m
UI 31 Grey 160 6"x9" Products are mainly used for wood, metal and other materials, surface paint, sanding the coating layer, can enhance the adhesion between coating to extend the service life of coating
Grey 7 6"x30m
(Sizes available as per requirements subject to constraints)
("-inch; m-metre)

Product Application:

Line treatment, manual grinding, wood ware grinding and circuit board cleaning, etc.

Manufacturer's suggestions:

The given sizes are available under flaky (6"*9"), round disc and roll form products; it can be used manually or on portable machine, and can be also used by manufacturers to fabricate wing wheels.