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The company seeks to collectively increase their sales and market and we believe together we can create wonders in the home care industry of India. The former decades has provided the company a series of experiences, failures and successes and the company is determined to transform the house hold cleaning space to its next best possible level. Our goal is to further reciprocate to various improvements that can be made from the R&D control team to provide the user the best possible cleaning experience.


Steel Shine is the premier scrub pad manufacturing company which has marked its excellence in cleaning from more than two decades. Steel Shine has not only created a benchmark in various domestic divisions of home improvement and home cleaning but also put up industrial standards as a trend setter in grinding, blending, cleaning and polishing of steel surfaces. It entered into the industrial division in year 2000 and since then it has marked its excellence in quality as its premier preference.

Steel Shine has a global presence serving its products to countries like South Africa, Nepal, Bangladesh, Kenya and Sri Lanka. The company carriers over 300 distributors all over India. It also carries its presence in modern trade and continues to be the most trustworthy brand.